How Do Automatic Door Locks Work?

A good home automation system wouldn’t be complete without automatic door locks, right? It’s the “automatic” feature that catches the attention of most people. The secret is, automatic door locks are really just electronic door locks – ones set to automatically lock or unlock according to the settings or requirements of the electronic lock system. So here is how electronic locks work as automatic door locks.

1 – Electricity Powers the Lock for You.

459838_35454449That’s the first key: electricity powers the lock for you. It isn’t manual, though there is often an option for a manual back-up key access to the lock in case of emergencies. No, an electronic door lock is operated using an electric current that powers the door lock. This electrical current may be part of the locking mechanism itself but is usually connected to a central access control panel, which you can manipulate and program to your liking. And since electricity powers the lock, you only have to be in charge of it when setting it up initially or when you decide to reprogram it. The rest of the time, the locking system will automatically run for you.

2 – Using Electricity, the Door Automatically Locks for You.

It’s as simple as that. In most cases, when you install electronic door locks, you’re installing automatic door locks that will always be locked automatically. Only when they are told to open do they release the locking mechanism to allow you to open the door and enter. That way, you never have to worry about things like, “Did I forget to lock the door when I went to go pick up the kids from school?” You don’t have to remember those things anymore, which takes a weight off of your mind and also makes things more convenient for you. Another benefit is that if you have to leave an older child at home while you run an errand, or if they come home from school before you get home from work, they’ll be kept safe because the doors are automatically locked to protect them.

3 – Some Locks Are So Automatic, You Don’t Even Have to Do Anything to Unlock Them.

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771It’s true! Some smart locks can be set up so that they are automatically connected to your smartphone through a mobile web app or WiFi. These locks use a low energy Bluetooth signal to detect phones nearby that have an authorized digital key for home access. Then, when the phone’s digital key is recognized by the lock, the lock will automatically unlock without you even taking your phone out of your pocket.

As its name suggests, no home automation system is complete without automated features. Having automatic door locks for your home are an excellent example of home automation as well as excellent home security tips. They add to the security of your home because they automatically lock, entirely eliminating the risk of forgetting to lock the door and allowing criminals to freely enter your home. They’re also fantastic conveniences because you don’t have to carry around a house key wherever you go – if you go over to the neighbor’s house one morning to say hello, you’ll never have to deal with the problem of, “Oh, no, I forgot my key and my husband just left for work…how do I get back in?” Automatic door locks will keep your home additionally secure and are a great way to lighten your load just a little bit.