How Your Water Sensor Will Work

One of the last things you’d think you’d need in your home is a water sensor. Home automation has some fantastic perks – smart thermostats, motion sensor lights, great home security – but a water sensor? What’s the point? Actually, a water sensor is probably a whole lot more important than you think it is. If water levels start to rise in your basement or there’s flooding somewhere left undetected, disaster could occur, leaving you quite literally standing in deep water. Here are some reasons why you might want to get a water sensor.

Risk of Flooding

Man sitting in flooded living room using phone, low section 73271468You might think, “I live in the desert. We barely see an inch of rain all year long.” Or, “I don’t even have a basement; what’s going to flood?” Fortunately for our survival and convenience, indoor plumbing was invented, allowing us wonderful conveniences like being able to get water from the faucet, to take a shower, and to go to the bathroom without having to leave the house. But unfortunately, these mean that there is always water flowing in and around your house in pipes – pipes which could burst unexpectedly if trauma or an earthquake were to occur. And then, within hours, your entire house could be flooded. And of course, if you live in an area where it snows or rains a lot, the risk of flooding increases dramatically. Without a water sensor, you may never know that flooding is happening and then wake up one morning to find yourself standing by your bed with the water level swirling around your ankles—or higher.

Sewage Flooding

Even worse than regular flooding is sewage flooding. Sewage flooding can seep into your walls, leading to the growth of toxic black mold. This releases contagions into the air, which can make you quite sick and can do significant damage to your home and all the property within it. Having a water sensor to warn you when there’s a problem can help you to catch the problem quickly so that it can be taken care of by professionals with the proper gear and equipment.

Property Damage

The most significant reason to need a water sensor is to guard against property damage. Unfortunately, homes that are damaged from flooding can need serious repairs. Toxic black mold can infect the drywall and cause permanent damage. Standing water can eat through carpet, walls, furniture, and everything in the room, leading to very expensive repairs and permanent damages. Portrait Of Happy Senior Couple At Home 177750327But once again, with a water sensor, you can know what’s happening right away so that you can get a hold of professionals to help you remove the water, dry out the room, decontaminate the space, and get your home and possessions fully taken care of.

A water sensor may not seem like a very important thing to have in your home, but anyone you meet who has had a flood in their home can testify otherwise. The costly repairs, the huge inconveniences, the ruined property, the smell… Being able to detect right away when there’s a problem will save you time and money and is completely worth spending the money to get a water sensor now.